David Devereux ([personal profile] devereux) wrote2009-05-06 07:02 am

Still a Twit.

  • 15:41 Keith Olbermann is terrific - a fine speaker and good for what he does. David Shuster... Less so. #
  • 15:44 Shuster's repeated cheap shot against Condi RIce last night, having been called on it the first time, was worthy of O'Reilly & Beck. #
  • 18:52 Dinner with a dear friend tonight. I'm cooking, but have no idea what until she shows me the ingredients - that's part of the fun. #
  • 01:11 So much for dinner - the pork didn't defrost properly so we ended up with pizza. Ah well, them's the breaks. #
  • 01:14 But I finally got to see 28 Days Later, and what a splendid piece of work it is. Not sure about the happy ending, though:it feels tacked-on. #